Cosimo I de’ Medici 1555

Medici, Cosimo I de. Highly important letter signed (“il duca di Fiorenza”), in Italian, one page folio, 20 April, 1555, to Captain Hieronimo de Guigiosa, Field Master of the Spanish Infantry to the Guard Regiment of Siena; integral address leaf.

Cosimo the Great stringently criticizes Spanish and German troops for their lack of discipline.

Cosimo de Medici expresses his anger and threatens the Spanish and German officers in Florentine service ordering their troops to exert greater discipline. Two weeks prior to this letter, Cosimo’s troops had occupied Siena. The Spaniards and Germans in Florentine service had apparently abandoned themselves to “insolence and villainy” much to the disdain of the Duke of Florence.

Letters by Cosimo the Great are extremely rare, especially those discussing difficulties with his troops.


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