Victoria 1850

Victoria. Fine document signed (“Victoria R”), 1 large oblong page (18 x 29 in.; 457 x 736 mm.), on vellum, entirely executed in a fine secretarial hand, Osborne, 29 October 1850, to “The Commissioners of Our Woods Forests Land Revenues Works and Buildings,” listing “Those who are to claim Her Majesty’s Venison in the Doe Season 1850-1851, with the recipients listed in six columns ruled in red; docketed on verso.

Royal distribution list of deer for the 1850-1851 season.

A highly interesting and unusual document listing those who are to claim Queen Victoria’s venison for the 1850-1851 season. The neatly written list begins “For the Service of the Royal Table 120” and goes on to name 168 individuals and bodies who are entitled to an allocation, with the number of animals to be given in each case. The majority of those listed are public or court officials. For example, the Archbishop of Canterbury is granted 6, the Speaker of the House of Commons 4, The Provost of Eton 2, The First Lord of the Treasury 4, The Governors and Directors of the Bank of England 4, The College of Surgeons 2, The Duchess of Kent [Queen Victoria’s mother] 2, and Lord Palmerston 2 “in lieu of a piece of Ground given to Richmond park.”


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